• Spencer JSpencer J, almost 4 years ago

    The processor upgrade is too expensive for what you get, and comes at the cost of battery life, so it's a no-go unless you're primarily a desk-jockey, in which case you should just get the retina iMac and a Macbook for traveling.

    The videocard upgrade makes sense—Apple limits their 15" machines to 85W, so their videocards aren't cutting-edge. If you'd like it to last for 4-years and still be comfortable you should go for the 460 upgrade ($200)

    If you really can't stash most of your archive in the cloud then an HD upgrade also makes sense.

    Unless money's no object in which case spec it out except for the processor.

    If you really need CPU performance, they're not using Kaby Lake yet, so you should just wait for the upgrade that's sure to come after the holidays.

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    • Mike Johnson, almost 4 years ago

      Is Kaby Lake expected to be a major upgrade over the current? I have lost track of where CPUs are at right now. Would Apple increase the price of their offerings if they switch to Kaby Lake?

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      • Adam RasheedAdam Rasheed, almost 4 years ago

        I'd also like an answer to this.

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      • Mike Sarcone-Roach, almost 4 years ago

        The previous intel chips were all 2 cores in their mobile variants that Apple used, while Kaby lake has 4 cores.

        This is the biggest difference on paper, in practice I would imagine they would have quite similar performance. Apple stuck with the old chips so long because CPU's haven't evolved much in the last few years.

        More RAM, faster SSD's and beefier GPU's are where the performance margins exist these days.

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      • Spencer JSpencer J, almost 4 years ago

        Kaby Lake is only slightly faster, but has an architecture that supports more RAM, and Low Power DDR4.

        Skylake (current architecture) only supports LPDDR3, so they can only support up to 16GB.

        Kaby's sufficient for the MBP aren't ready yet, which is why Apple is going to have to start making their own Desktop chips as well. More info here:


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