Affinity Designer VS Sketch

over 3 years ago from Alex Yakir, Designer & Developer

  • Kaan Eryilmaz, over 3 years ago

    I've recently started using Figma and I'm loving it. Mainly it's like Sketch but the version control and being able to have multiple designers and also people being able to comment right there on the design tool are a big plus for my flow. Export system works just like Sketch and developers can open your work from their browsers without installing anything at all! I think there is a future in Figma and I'm planning on sticking by them for the time being.

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    • Tamerlan SozievTamerlan Soziev, almost 3 years ago

      I tried figma for a week but I hate the mouse lag on big projects, that's the only reason I went back to Sketch. It beats Sketch in layer selection, you can just hold the command key and drag cursor and it selects all the layers, thats so cool, I have to lock layers in Sketch in order for me to select couple layers if they are above another layer...

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