Affinity Designer VS Sketch

over 3 years ago from Alex Yakir, Designer & Developer

  • Greg Warner, over 3 years ago

    I combine Affinity Designer and Sketch every day currently. Sketch, for me, is not sufficient enough to create most graphic assets. It's great for layout and plugins, but Affinity is more powerful and versatile overall by default. Affinity combines a lot of the best core features of Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch in one—in my opinion I would stick to Affinity only if I didn't need a Zeplin integration (we use it on my team) and certain other time-saving Github plugins. From a creative standpoint, it's a better beginning-to-end solution. I've been using Affinity alongside Sketch for over a year, and I'd argue Affinity is definitely more than just a good illustration tool. Sketch is still great for layout and UI-focus, but I actually prefer certain features (text styles, symbol usage, etc.) in Affinity more. And yes, it can be less buggy.

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