How we keep our styleguide up-to-date across the GoCardless design team(

almost 6 years ago from Sam Willis, Product Designer at Memrise, Organiser of Design Club.

  • Brad McNallyBrad McNally, almost 6 years ago

    I had tried using the Dropbox + Symlink method in an earlier version of Sketch (Sketch 2 I think...) with no luck. I'm glad it's finally working!

    We ended up using Github to mange our Sketch templates folder. Any of our designers can make a change to the template and commit those changes. Everyone on the team sees the commit in Slack and pulls those changes down to their template file (Make sure you sync before you edit the template file again, theres no way to merge conflicts in a .sketch file :)

    It's worked out well enough and we've gotten in the habit of documenting the changes in the template file in the summery/description of each commit.

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