• Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, over 4 years ago

    I am coming from a large organisation's perspective, so it might differ a little. Our design team has it's own dev team but it's more for showcasing experience and testing. It's the busiest amongst our team because they are always in demand since it's a shared resource within the design team.

    Having said that, they don't build production ready work, it's good but not as robust as the tech guys sitting outside our team. For us, it's easier to run with our team and do testing because most time the tech team outside of our design team are tied down to process and rigorous QA.

    It works to our advantage because our dev team cares about design, so it's easier to talk in the same wavelength. It also makes handing over some animation work easier since we already built them and tech team just have to integrate part of it when we roll out for production.

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