Sketch Version 40.1 (33804) - performance issues

5 years ago from Mike Abbot, Senior Digital Product Designer

  • John Jackson, 5 years ago

    Sketch is a great product, but this is one thing that I absolutely hate about it. I don't like the fact that every release is a hit or miss in terms of performance. Some releases, it's awesome and fast. Other releases, the performance is absolute rubbish. Two releases ago, I could barely use Sketch because of crashing. The next release fixed those issues. Sketch 40, though, has reintroduced some of the performance issues that I was originally dealing with.

    I initially thought it might be the fact that I was running on an older MacBook Pro, but I recently picked up a maxed out 2015 15" MacBook Pro and it didn't change a thing. I really wish they would focus heavily on performance for a little while.

    New features are useless if the product barely runs.

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