Subform: A modern tool for digital product designers(

almost 6 years ago from Huseyin Emanet, Product Designer at Superpeer

  • John Jackson, almost 6 years ago

    Is this some sort of Alpha release? I'm not sure that I could justify dropping $99-$129 for a very rough copy of Subform. I'll probably wait until it becomes more polished. With that being said, I am eager to give it a try. I dropped Photoshop immediately after experiencing what Sketch offered. And I would do the same to Sketch if Subform (or any other tool) can help me to do my job significantly better than Sketch does.

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    • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, almost 6 years ago

      Have you tried Figma? I used it to design 4 apps for Circle with Disney and it is incredible. Constraints. Sketch import and feature parity. Unlimited versioning. Commenting. Redlining. Export. Framer integration.

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