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almost 4 years ago from Vandy Pai, Product Designer @ Box

  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

    Nice work cover all, and I'd take the "scroll-jacking" comments with a grain of salt. You have an arrow at the bottom which is a common convention to let people know to scroll. Perhaps you could have the type fade in or animate some other way while scrolling.

    Also, keep the photos. I saw a couple comments telling you to remove these but I disagree. You may not be a photographer,, but these server as an introduction to the case studies. If you have high-res assets from the projects themselves, use these instead of a random photo. For instance, the Hamilton Benefits Group website has a couple really nice images that can tie into the case study and still work as s nice hero image introduction of what's to come. Just make sure there's a direct connection.

    The main problems I found were with some of the images in the case studies and the previous and next buttons at the bottom of these pages as well. Again, the Hamilton Benefits Group page is a great example of this problem. The first couple of webpage examples seem stretched too wide (fixed height and adaptive width? Too lazy to dig through the code to see why, sorry). The previous and next buttons look nice with the color over lays on hover but the image in the background tiles as the page expands in width. A media query with background: cover should solve this when the page width hits a certain point.

    I also noticed a video on the 901 very good cocktails page not centering properly. Again, too lazy to look into the code to see why but this should be a fairly simple thing to fix. You should also look into saving these videos without an audio track. When an audio track is present, even when there is no audio in the video, Safari adds a speaker icon in the tab to let users know there is audio playing in this tab that you can mute. Since there is no audio in these videos, this notification is incorrect and misleading to users.

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    • Vandy Pai, almost 4 years ago

      I like the design of my homepage but yeah, a lot of people think the scroll-jacking is annoying. Rethinking this so it's more intuitive.

      There are a lot of bugs I've just noticed on Safari that I was not aware of— thanks for pointing those out. I'll look into removing the audio file on the videos.

      Thanks for your detailed feedback!

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