Show DN: Portfolio suggestions and criticism appreciated(

almost 4 years ago from Vandy Pai, Product Designer @ Box

  • Mike Wilson, almost 4 years ago

    I personally think you should ignore the Scrolljacking complaints since that is par for the course here on DN and highly subjective to the tastes here.

    However, I think you should heed the insight you have listed in your first case study:

    INSIGHTS Too much information is overwhelming

    If you were to edit down the copy in each of the case studies I think they would be a lot easier to read for hiring managers and recruiters. Unfortunately, they often don't have the time to read a long case study let alone 5 of them.

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    • Vandy Pai, almost 4 years ago

      Trying to find the balance between detailed case studies and too much copy has been difficult. But I see your point, recruiters don't have that much time.

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