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almost 4 years ago from Vandy Pai, Product Designer @ Box

  • Daniel BaldwinDaniel Baldwin, almost 4 years ago

    Hey! Going to be super critical with my suggestions. Hope you take it well. :)

    • Agree with everyone else, the scroll-jacking is wonky. It also seems a bit weird to cycle through infinitely.

    • The imagery and typography choices are beautiful, but they tend to compete with your actual work. I would suggest showcasing more examples of your work rather than sourcing the photos from Pexels.

    • "Hire Me" CTA should link to a contact page, not an open-ended email. Especially since email links typically open in Apple Mail, which is usually frustrating (at least for me, a user who only opens Apple Mail by accident when clicking mailto: links).

    • Topics Over Tea section needs some line spacing - thought it was a jumbled paragraph at first glance.

    • Colophon in the footer seems a bit weird to me.

    • Resume is beautiful.

    • Need to update Instagram logo throughout.

    • Replace RSS icon with icon that represents blog on contact page.

    • Hamburger menu items animate too slow.

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    • Vandy PaiVandy Pai, over 3 years ago

      Wow thanks for this very detailed response! I really appreciate it :)

      Regarding a few of your points:

      • Definitely redoing the homepage to eliminate the weird scroll-jacking.
      • I can see how the photos compete with the work and don't contribute to understanding fully what the project is about at first glance. I really like the photos, but since I am a product designer and not a photographer, it doesn't make sense to showcase photos.
      • Did not even realize email links open in apple mail for some people. Going to add a contact form for sure now.
      • Not sure where to put the colophon otherwise

      Thanks again!

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