Show DN: Portfolio suggestions and criticism appreciated(

almost 4 years ago from Vandy Pai, Product Designer @ Box

  • Mitch Malone, almost 4 years ago

    Hey Vandana! Overall, really strong. Your work is presented clearly and it's easy to understand your role, what you wanted to accomplish, and what you produced. This is surprisingly hard and many designers struggle to do this well. So good job! If the goal of your portfolio is to get an employer's attention or land a contract gig, I think this will definitely help you :)

    The homepage scrolling functionality is a little wonky. I like this form of "scroll jacking"—where you orient the user to the content on a scroll event. But it doesn't seem to work well on my trackpad (it scrolls up when I'm trying to scroll down). I think it just needs some tweaking. Not a big deal.

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    • Vandy Pai, almost 4 years ago

      Thanks for your feedback! I'm happy to hear that my work is presented clearly— that was my goal.

      As others have already mentioned, I see that the homepage scroll functionality is unfortunately very buggy. I need to take a stab at fixing this or just go with another approach from the homepage design.

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