Golden ratio calculator

over 4 years ago from Tomáš Beseda, UI developer

  • Joe Blau, over 4 years ago

    Interesting. I the golden ratio to design a logo for Context:


    I also wrote abut it here, but I'm not sure if it actually made the symbol better or not. I just like the Fibonacci series.

    Also your calculation seems to have a ton of rounding error. When I type in 5 as my base with an iteration of 5 I get:

    • Increasing
    • 8.09
    • 13.08962
    • 21.179005160000003
    • 34.267630348880004
    • 55.44502590448785
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    • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, over 4 years ago

      I don't think it makes any design better or worse, it just provides a ratio, which is good in my opinion.

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