Prototyping tool announces V2(

over 5 years ago from Femke vs, Designer at Uber

  • Adam Hopwood, over 5 years ago

    So - never used Atomic before. Looks great.

    Where does this sit on the Prototyping landscape?

    Seems like Invision + Principle - my current preferred setup.

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    • Suganth SSuganth S, over 5 years ago

      Same here. Partially because they don't have free plan I guess

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      • Femke vsFemke vs, over 5 years ago

        Hey Suganth – we have a 30 day free trial and a free plan for Educational students

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    • Femke vsFemke vs, over 5 years ago

      Why use two prototyping tools when you can just use one? ;)

      Atomic gives you a lot more control and flexibility over the transition of individual elements. Not only that, but with it's collaborative environment, each member or members of your team can work on individual prototypes and assemble them together to create a master view.

      This video helps to explain:

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    • Pedro RiveraPedro Rivera, over 5 years ago

      Happy Atomic user here :)

      I'm using it in basically every project for the studio I work, because I don't need another app to design the interface or animate the interactions, and the dev think it's a great way for her to get the specs of the design.

      It's worth a try ;)

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