Ask DN: Typefaces for low-fidelity prototyping?

4 years ago from Sam Pierce Lolla, Helping startups w/ product design @ Directed Works

  • Lauren GolembiewskiLauren Golembiewski, 4 years ago

    I usually pick out a set of fonts that I really like to work with that are fairly generic - a serif and sans serif. And if it's a web project, I stick to google fonts. This site has some great combos.

    Usually with clients/stakeholders, I concentrate on the content and not discussing the font at all, and make it clear that it's really not useful to discuss "fonts & colors" at this time. And I always use real text, because I always write the initial interface and give clients guidance about how to critique and edit the content.

    I think if you are sketching digitally, redacted font makes sense, just like sketching on paper. If a stakeholder wants to see/approve sketches, I try to schedule a meeting to quickly whiteboard ideas with them. I find it's more effective way to share ideas, in low fidelity. Plus, it involves them so they feel ownership.

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