Ask DN: Coworking space vs. cafe

5 years ago from Kieran Rheaume, Pretend designer and product person

  • Jonas Bucinskas, 5 years ago

    If you only compare these two then definitely coworking spaces are better. They offer somewhat structured work environment and usually the cafe is a part of that space too.

    However i think that coworking spaces are only good for building your network. They are usually designed for it with events, places to chat and over-excited coworking space manager(i used to be one, sorry) All of these things don't really help to concentrate and do the actual work.

    I just moved to the new city few days ago and i hardly know anyone here. I'm gonna go and find some co-working space and use it to expand my network. However i don't think i'm gonna stay there long, because that same network will impact the quality of my work.

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