Ask DN: Coworking space vs. cafe

5 years ago from Kieran Rheaume, Pretend designer and product person

  • Tim Swan, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    I'm a fan of co-working (read: my own) space. I quite like the separation between work and home — leaving the house for work and leaving the office to “end” a day. Having a desk that I can mess up, clean up and organise to my liking.

    It's worth checking out different spaces and getting one that works for you. Much like house hunting — the more spaces you look at, the better informed you'll be.

    It's also worth considering smaller things that might effect you – natural light, temperature, ambient noise, and even things to do around the space itself. When it comes to work, can you spread out, stick notes up etc. A few things you might not realise you do until you can no longer do them… say, in a café ;).

    If only there were a place that provided both…

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