Ask DN: Typefaces for low-fidelity prototyping?

4 years ago from Sam Pierce Lolla, Helping startups w/ product design @ Directed Works

  • Edgaras BenediktaviciusEdgaras Benediktavicius, 4 years ago

    What about using a hand-drawn looking font together with sketchy vector lines and shapes for low-fidelity prototypes? What are your experiences on that? In that case, the overall prototype would feel like a sketch rather than a final product.

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    • Sam Pierce LollaSam Pierce Lolla, 4 years ago

      I dig it. Any suggestions for hand-drawn typefaces?

      The sketchy vector lines styles is an interesting idea, any idea how that might work in Sketch? Currently constraining ourselves to black & white (no grayscale), uniform line widths, and just a few type sizes--works pretty well.

      We love Sketch for wireframes, esp since we can convert our low-fi to high-fi mocks without redoing a lot of work. Not really interested in Balsalmiq etc.

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    • florian fangohrflorian fangohr, 4 years ago

      I made a quick finger drawn version of Helvetica (Handvetica ;) for that purpose. If you want it, get it here:

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