Ask DN : What is your definition of a 'Lead' ?

5 years ago from Tom Good, Lead Experience Designer at Hugo & Cat

  • Ferdi WielingFerdi Wieling, 5 years ago

    In my current job we don't use the "Lead" prefix, but tend to stick to senior/director/group/executive/vp/etc. trajectory. At a previous agency however the "Lead" was assigned on a per project basis and could be anyone that was more senior and was responsible for their particular discipline.

    So a creative lead on the project would be where the buck stopped in terms of ensuring everyone on the team understood what needed to be done, managed expectations and comms with other disciplines, etc. Same for the other leads. What this establishes is a working environment where everyone is clear about ownership and communication responsibilities.

    What it prevents is a bunch of supposedly senior people, sitting around a mess that is the project and all shrugging and going - "I thought you were going to do fix that...".

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    • Tom Good, 5 years ago

      That last point is interesting, but does that happen a lot in your experience? (A lot of Senior people debating responsibility without some guidance? )

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