Designer News Market is Coming to a Close

7 months ago from Maxwell Lind, Community Manager at Designer News

  • Daniel FeldtDaniel Feldt, 7 months ago

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but "Market" was an item in the main navigation and products were displayed in the right hand side. :)

    It just the last weeks/months or so that Market was moved into the ... and the "ads" disappeared.

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    • John PJohn P, 7 months ago (edited 7 months ago )

      but none of the resources were ever pushed in my face

      This wasn't the problem, the stuff on sale just wasn't compelling. Just a bunch of UI kits (honestly don't understand the value proposition of selling these to designers, esp. in the "flat" era), iDevice mockups and also-ran line art icons

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    • Kevin LetchfordKevin Letchford, 7 months ago

      Hmm possibly - may be its because like every one else i run some kind of add block or i was blind to it.

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