Logo Pizza — Hot & Ready Logos for Sale — price increases by $20 with each logo sold(logo.pizza)

over 2 years ago from Matias Valle, Graphic designer & Front-end dev

  • Ian ClarkeIan Clarke, over 2 years ago

    If he was selling illustrations / icons I wouldn't have a problem but the site specifically says he's selling logos. Pre-made logos. For cheap. In reality brands need more than a random logo. Someone pays $460 or whatever for a logo that they don't know how to implement and that probably isn't the best solution for their company anyway.

    It's the short game. GOOD Design solves specific problems for specific businesses. It's not about a cool looking graphic.

    This type of work devalues design and design thinking in the long term. When your prices drop it'll be because of projects like this. If you don't have respect for your own craft how can you expect clients to have respect for it.

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    • Alec LomasAlec Lomas, over 2 years ago (edited over 2 years ago )

      Right, but logos != branding. For many organizations, yes, a more extensive, thought-out, robust branding is necessary. However, for some organizations, a simple icon logo to add to existing work or to use as a cornerstone to build off of is not inconceivable. For example, you could plug that pug logo into the PugJS site and it would immediately improve (give them?) their identity.

      If someone wanted to give me $500 - $1200 for some icon/hypothetical logo I made for fun or practice or whatever, I'd sell it to them. That's very different from someone coming to me asking for branding, or asking me to design a logo specifically for their company. It's at that point that you begin to put tremendous thought and effort into creating a logo, palette, guidelines, etc. into place for that specific brand. And for that, you should charge. You should charge a lot.

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