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over 5 years ago from Dominik Sigrist, Art Director and Co-Founder of KiloKilo

  • Jack BachJack Bach, over 5 years ago

    Your loss.

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    • Account deleted over 5 years ago

      Hahaha! Maybe. My point being that maybe as the creator of something, you'd go out of your way to explain/sell/market it. As the creator, it's really your loss every engagement you lose.

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      • Jack BachJack Bach, over 5 years ago

        You are assuming every creator wants maximum reach.

        Sometimes making a first step harder can create curiosity, which creates some tension in the user, and finally can lead to a surprise.

        This approach might make the creator lose some visitors, but it will make the experience more memorable for the ones that go through that firs step.

        Specially in this case there's a reason to ask the user to access the site in its phone.

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