Deliveroo redesign(

over 4 years ago from Aaron Moodie, Product Designer

  • adrian ioadrian io, over 4 years ago

    The update to the colours and kit is good - as it serves a purpose - better visibility for the riders.

    However, why was there a need to change the logo mark? Yes, the old logo mark didn't necessarily look trendy or flat, but it had charm and was it really that broken that it need replacing? I can also imagine it had very strong brand recognition and customers liked it.

    This exercise just smells like changing stuff for change sake, or someone wanted to leave their mark - call it 'design wankery' - especially things like illustrating the angles in the logo (what does it mean?) and using phrases like the logo has to work much harder etc.

    The new logo also doesn't look like a kangaroo anymore - more like a dog.

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    • dave fdave f, over 4 years ago

      Angles means each line has had many meetings of discussion behind it. If you don't have angles, it could give the impression anyone has drawn it.

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