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5 years ago from Lance Cheng, Full Stack Engineer

  • Ryan Cuppernull, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    How does FontExplorer do with a lot of fonts? Like, a lot. haha. I am trying out RightFont, and their speed with lots of fonts is nice. But I do find it lacking in some other key areas...

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    • Nick B., 5 years ago

      FontExplorer is definitely slower to start up than RightFont, but in actual use I haven't noticed a substantial speed difference between the two. Although since I've had trouble getting RightFont to recognise some of the fonts it's probably not a totally equal comparison.

      But that's only when I start my machine, so I'm waiting for email and other apps to open up anyway. I don't consider the extra 10 seconds it takes for FontExplorer to startup to be an issue, since once it's open, it's always open.

      For reference, I have 7,340 font families installed on my machine, and it's a mix of OTF, TTF and older PostScript font files.

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