AMA: Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines

4 years ago from ally palanzi, senior front-end engineer, vox media

  • Leanne Macaspac, 4 years ago

    How would you recommend integrating thinking about accessibility in terms of the design process? i.e., Do you begin with selecting appropriate fonts, followed by creating accessible brand colors? Or do you begin with wireframing?

    I suppose it could be a project-by-project basis (sometimes clients won't introduce branding until mid-wireframing, if not in the middle of high-fidelity mockups), but ideally what's the recommended process?

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    • kelsey schererkelsey scherer, 4 years ago

      In terms of integrating accessibility best practices into the design process, it definitely depends on the type of work you are doing, and what process you are following. I’d recommend keeping general accessibility standards (or our handy checklist!) nearby as you design and keep the standards fresh in your mind. As you design different elements, you can refer to standards for each element. For example, if you are wireframing a form, refer to standards around form design, but if you are selecting brand colors, refer to contrast tests and set specific standards around how and when the colors are applied to different backgrounds.

      Accessibility should be thought about early and often, and throughout every part of a project. It’s not just something you check for at the very start or very end of a project.

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