AMA: Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines

4 years ago from ally palanzi, senior front-end engineer, vox media

  • Johnson VinoJohnson Vino, 4 years ago

    I have one basic question:

    The guidelines are usually been in visual representation to make it more understandable than written documentation. Why you chose the documentation

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    • Sanette Tanaka, 4 years ago

      Hi Johnson! I think you're asking about why we chose to create the checklist tool listing all of our guidelines, rather than release our text docs. We considered releasing the docs as they were, but we realized that the role-specific docs worked for our company, but might be too prescriptive for other teams. At the same time, we had been experimenting with one-off checklists for some of our own projects and found them to be really helpful. The checklist tool makes it possible for teams to create their own slimmed down docs containing only the guidelines relevant to the project they're working on.

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