AMA: Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines

4 years ago from ally palanzi, senior front-end engineer, vox media

  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, 4 years ago
    1. How did you go about compiling the list? Were these things you learned over the years or things that were mostly new and you wanted to implement across all the properties?

    2. What would you say to a company that think implementing these will take too many resources?

    PS love the work, bookmarked!

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    • Sanette Tanaka, 4 years ago

      Hi Jonathan! Great questions. To answer your first question, we started out by learning just what accessibility means to a modern media company. We brought in an expert, Jeremy Fields from Viget, who has written extensively on accessibility, and consulted books and online resources. We then went through various best practice lists and figured out what which guidelines made sense for our specific products and processes. The guidelines we included are a combination of ones that are not currently reflected on our properties, as well as ones that we already follow.

      To your second question, we are fortunate to work in a company that’s incredibly supportive of these efforts, but we understand that isn’t the case at many places. My best piece of advice is to start small. Our first formalized push in accessibility started with a group of six people and two days of work. We tried to come up with something of value immediately—which in our case, was role-specific guidelines on how to advance accessibility in folks’ every day projects. That helped us demonstrate the value to our leadership teams immediately. Later, we built on that foundation by presenting internally to different teams, building out the checklist tool, and so forth, but it all started with a small amount of resources.

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