Shit Loop In Design – When the interface hits the fan(

5 years ago from Adrian Zumbrunnen, Design at Google, previously iA, my website talked to you.

  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 5 years ago

    These problems could all be solved by simple not being an idiot. I have never had Siri "accidentally" call anyone. If anything, I find it difficult to get "Hey, Siri..." to respond in a consistent manner. If you're using After Effects, be prepared to learn. Training wheels will only annoy users who bother to take the time to learn the UI.

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    • Darren Krape, 5 years ago

      Here's an example I deal with with annoying frequency: the cat jumps on the keyboard and somehow steps on just the right set of keys to do something bad. For example, she keeps turning on the accessibility spoken interface or changing screen settings. Since I never use these features, I then have to figure out how to disable them. Not a deal breaker, but good examples where some on-screen help could have been useful.

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