Why do we have pull quotes on the Web?(adactio.com)

almost 4 years ago from Russell Heimlich, Lead Web Developer at the Pew Research Center

  • Joseph KeenanJoseph Keenan, almost 4 years ago

    As someone who used to mockup magazine articles with completely unrelated, trolling pullquotes back in university, I can actually see why they exist on the web – I read the full text of a lot of articles, but 90% of those, I quickly scroll through before I do so. A lot of my friends won’t even read the whole article, or will start reading from the middle and stop soon after.

    Given all that though, I don’t really see why you’d stick with the text-repetition paradigm, when you could just style a sentence or paragraph in a way that calls it out, but keeps it within the flow of the text.

    …unless editors assume that people will skip over a pullquote when reading, and thus might miss something important. In which case, well… you’re spending time including text that you expect people not to read…? OK…

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 4 years ago

      Given some articles repeat the pull quote and some don’t, you can never know. So as a reader, they always slow me down, if they’re repeated or not. I get that they make the article more interesting and break up the reading experience, but they can also have a very negative effect. I’d say using a larger intro paragraph or images works better than pull quotes.

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