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almost 4 years ago from Asis Patel, Product Designer at Playground Inc

  • Darren Treat, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

    I think your work is nice and there is a breath of fresh air here, however I had a few qualms about these as someone involved in them, maybe you can address them.

    Assuming all of these are possible on these platforms:

    1: This number is purposely avoided by companies like Tesla because the ticking clock causes anxiety and ruins user comfort. The extra push at 10% is to remove this feeling. 'Ignorance is Bliss' Additionally this number is very hard to arrive at as it is based on past usage, if you open up Snapchat you will drain at 3-4x of reading a book.

    2: Removing a major feature of a phone and replacing it with a feature that is not consistent with the rest of the phone experience is a poor solution to be honest. When the App is not open I imagine you will get Siri. If you pause a song and do it do you get Siri...or the Added track? What if the song was paused for a while, long enough for you to forget it was queued?

    5: This is partially solved in iOS 10's time based outlook on notifications, take a look. I really like your solution but it should be in the pull down, not the dock, also, how do you solve the notifications on each page then?

    6: Should probably show edit time and history to defend for harassment reasons.

    7: This is done on forums...but is it really that big of an issue? How far would you have to develop this feature to be 'effective enough' Not just charts but also images and contextual information. the right solution to this would almost have to be AI.

    8: I'm going to be honest, this may just be me.. but some people will probably understand job roles better than football. Especially those unrelated to sports. Additionally it can cause jealousy as it may not show the importance of some players. Why not show it in a more abstract format?

    9: Online voting is intentionally avoided because many people are fearful of their government knowing too much about them. Tying people to emails sets a dangerous precedent. It is also easy to scam (These are all 'something you have' and not 'something you know'). As you mentioned, hacking would be dangerous and you could even overthrow a whole country with that.

    Don't take this as a discouragement, build off my thoughts! :)

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    • Asis PatelAsis Patel, almost 4 years ago

      Thanks Darren, really do appreciate your thorough feedback on my work! These prototypes are all work in progress very much "initial ideas". The mindset I had when I was doing them was...identify problem - think of an idea - create - Ship it! Then revisit and refine, refine, refine. Your comments are really encouraging and given me some great ways to push my ideas forward.

      Just a few comments to reply to yours...

      1: Really interesting you mention the psychological effects such as "anxiety and ruins user comfort". I did outline the use of intensive apps would drain the battery at different levels. Maybe there is an idea here which isn't as literal as a timer

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