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almost 4 years ago from William Bengtsson, Product designer

  • William BengtssonWilliam Bengtsson, almost 4 years ago
    • Good way to show there's more content underneath the fold. Since it's for an app and they sometimes only have a full-height hero, it promotes the content underneath by showing the top of the second section
    • They had nice animations on previous landing page where you could see different stories of how someone found a product through conversation: kinda lacks that interaction with the "experts" now; an animated conversation made it really look like the personal conversation you're about to have with a real person. The lack of movement now makes it feel more static imo; lacking the personal connection you'll have
    • Weird behaviour: when I click the title "Safe & secure mobile shopping." a full pop-up appears; doesn't look like a link so a bit unnatural behaviour
    • Under section "Safe & secure mobile shopping." - there's three icons with the text content hidden; you have to hover to learn more about this. Sure, keeps the section clean and tidy, but a bit to hidden maybe? Not that much text underneath each content so perhaps they should've made the title bigger and add in the text underneath to promote the titles even more
    • At one point, you'll have the same CTA color with same link inside; but the CTA says different things. Not optimal imo.
    • Good with the preview of the app on the landing page: wish I could see more; like how a conversation starts and goes more than just showing a filled content page that I haven't been introduced to prior to looking at the image
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