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almost 4 years ago from Justin Mezzell

  • Justin MezzellJustin Mezzell, almost 4 years ago

    Wow, such a rad question. This answer will just be for me. I think it's a pretty multi-faceted, and I'm going to try earnestly—and not just go for the romantic.

    I struggled a lot in trying to figure out what it is I wanted to do while in school. I've wanted to be a great many things, but hadn't really considered any of the artistic leanings, though they were a huge part of my growing up.

    By the time I figured out that design was a career I had have and sustain, I was almost out of college. For me, it was almost like discovering this whole new world of people who "made" things, all by themselves. I had really wanted to be a filmmaker, but there are so many limitation to working solo in that world. Chief among those, I didn't have a great camera, a budget to work with, actors, etc. So when I discovered this career, wherein I could create what I wanted on my own, it was like discovering a whole new medium for story. I was originally a Philosophy and World Religions major in school, after all.

    Wow, that's a lot of setup. Anyhow, I'd say that now, what keeps me most excited is working in a field like technology with Code School that has a huge aim, which is to arm this generation and the next with the tools and proficiencies that are such an enormous part of our world. I love the idea that I could be making something that my daughter could one day be excited about learning from!

    Super Team, on the other hand, is my way to play in a realm that's more about having fun and allowing myself to take joy in those little things that inspire me, or just bring a smile to my face. It's not going to change the world, but it's something that I feel like I have to allow myself to do, which is to express some inner delight and get the change to do with those I haven't yet had the opportunity to do it with.

    And why keep learning and improving? Because I'm nowhere near done yet. At least I hope not! I'm so humbled to be working in such a great field with so many kind folks who will willing teach and invest in my own personal growth. If I don't take advantage of that, what a missed opportunity! It's good to remember what a privilege it is to get to do what we get to do from time to time.

    Thank you for this question!

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