AMA: Super Team Deluxe

almost 4 years ago from Justin Mezzell

  • Veronica Wong, almost 4 years ago

    You've got your own things going, family, life, etc and you all live in different places. So what's the collaboration process like for you guys and what tools do you guys use to help in that process?

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    • Justin MezzellJustin Mezzell, almost 4 years ago

      We're all about that Slack. It's definitely the go-to for communication at the group level. We've got rooms for this, rooms for that etc.

      But I think perhaps the most valuable part of this is that we actually like each other quite a bit (or at least I do). So we're keeping up with each other anyway. A lot of these ideas for products are born out of general, non-focused discussion where a thread appears and we just start pulling on it to see if there's anything there.

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