AMA: Super Team Deluxe

almost 4 years ago from Justin Mezzell

  • Drew Melton, almost 4 years ago

    Justin and Rogie first approached me to help them with a lettering treatment for the logo. I've been freelancing on my own for years but I've definitely gotten tired of working alone. We all just clicked right away and as they described the project I found myself eager to help with more than just the logo design. I wanted to help with pretty much everything. So I decided to go out on a limb and let them know that I wanted to help make Super Team a world dominating force (for good) and they (fairly quickly) said yes please!

    Super Team is really just a group of people who like working together. There is also no way that any one of us could have come up with this project on our own. We can do more together than apart! It's been a blast.

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