AMA: Super Team Deluxe

almost 4 years ago from Justin Mezzell

  • blake ashworth, almost 4 years ago

    Rogie, when will you be back on Twitch?! It's so refreshing to see a group of super talented creatives being really transparent, sharing tips, etc, for example Rogie, the things you share with us on Twitch, and Alicja's bts of the lapel pin shots, showing us your failures etc. I hope this becomes more prevalent in the design world. Keep it up guys!

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    • Alicja ColonAlicja Colon, almost 4 years ago

      Hey Blake! the creation of is here --->

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    • Rogie KingRogie King, almost 4 years ago

      Blake, hopefully soon! I know that Alicja is keeping up her schedule and Justin, well, Justin is just the actual worst at staying with his schedule. Go figure tho, he's actually streaming today.

      Butchea, definitely going to get back at Twitch soon. It honestly brings me a ton of life and I love doing it. Yeah, I love just being buds with the design community. It really fits with Super Team's perspective of not being above everyone but really just being alongside this rad group of people and learning together.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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