Dropbox Paper for IOS(itunes.apple.com)

over 6 years ago from Felipe Dutra, Product Designer - www.felipedutra.net

  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, over 6 years ago

    I on the other hand don't see why this should get them a free pass?

    It's not a matter of giving them a free pass. It's understanding that a company makes decisions based on profitability, and that they occasionally have to pivot to remain successful. Dropbox's product team helps make that decision, and my point was that they clearly have an excellent team (based on their design, ux, marketing, etc). I completely understand being upset when a service ends, but we all have to be realistic regarding why that occurs. And we shouldn't be jerks about it.

    BTSync works fine for me and I can 100% guarantee my usage of syncing completely dwarfs yours.

    Fantastic! I'm glad you've found a method that works for you. I've actually used a similar method back when I used to do 3D animation. We generally synced to an on location rack with numerous layers of redundancy built in. I'd love to hear more regarding how your setup works.

    My current way of measuring reliability isn't based on file size or quantity, but on the files correctly syncing. Sketch files were notoriously an issue with other methods, and Dropbox worked for me over other services. BTSync is just overkill for my current line of work, and requires either setting it up in-house or hunting for a reliable service. Dropbox has been around awhile, and that offers a level of security regarding them being around tomorrow. Plus Dropbox just has a great UI for reverting files, commenting on files, publicly sharing files, etc.

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