• Michael DiedrickMichael Diedrick, 5 years ago

    In terms of web development, Adobe itself recently stopped supporting their own online tools to export PNGs and JPGs, getting the CSS styles or text from the layers, and anything else that make PSD conversion easy. We used those features every day, and if you cover that ground, we'd be interested in using PP for that.

    Historically most of the issues in PSDs are that the layers have their own styles and masking and the exports often miss those -- which is problematic if you use a lot of layer styles or have complex PSDs which many designers do. If it's not pixel perfect (with exception of the fonts since those are rendered differently), we're not able to use the tool. And if it can't load them because the PSD is too large, that won't of course work -- needs to work 100% of the time.

    Many other tools have a system where if you name the layer properly and set things up correctly, it's much easier to use the tool. That's fine for us -- we'd follow the rules -- but make the rules easy to understand or easy for the developer to enact after the designer hands off the PSD.

    Best of luck!

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