• P GBP GB, 4 years ago

    What is your basis for saying that people don't care about discovering new music?

    Research, experience, seen it for myself, the trail of failed music discovery apps. Take your pick.

    I worked for a company who based their entire pitch around Music Discovery and Social. They failed for many reasons, but one that became apparent a bit too late was the idea that music discovery isn't something with mass market appeal.

    I literally sat in meetings with people who have worked for major record labels for their entire careers, hired in for their music industry knowledge and experience sat telling us 'Music discovery isn't going to work - people don't want it, you need another hook'.

    Everyone I know loves finding new music.

    Yes. You love finding new music, so do some of your friends. Others say they do because the rest of you do, but they probably just wait for you to share it with them. You care more about music than the average person.

    A good system for music discovery is something Spotify and Apple Music are clamoring for. A service that does it well will absolutely kick ass.

    No, they're building 'good' systems or ideas around music discovery and then not getting much traction form their already engaged userbase, but yeah, maybe Apple and Spotify are just failing to execute it properly, that must be it.

    You can believe that music discovery is something that needs 'fixing' or 'disrupting' or whatever else if you want. You can take the fact that a few people you know 'love finding new music' as evidence that enough people around the world do to support a mass market product to do so if you want. It's fine. You can suggest that the reason no music discovery service has 'made it' is because no one has executed it properly if that floats you boat, it's not my problem.

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