ASK DN — Grav vs. Jekyll vs. Other

over 3 years ago from A P, Position @ Company

  • Scott Gallant, over 3 years ago

    Hey, I'm the co-creator of Jekyll makes A LOT of sense. It has a huge community behind it, development is super efficient and liquid is a great templating language.

    (Shameless plug) We're working like dogs to make the best CMS for these sites and we have some super cool things coming out later this month. Here are some current highlights of using Forestry:

    • Supports all Jekyll plugins
    • Integrates with GitHub & Bitbucket (commits back to your repo, and watches your repo for changes)
    • Zero configuration for you project
    • We don't host (set up deployment to S3, Github Pages, FTP)
    • Use Markdown or WYSIWYG
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