• Sam Piggott, 4 years ago

    Absolutely. Hand on heart, I think we stumbled into building the product a little naïvely at first. We initially wanted to cater it to an audience that was definitely more into hardcore discovery (5-7 new albums a week); but we're pretty quickly discovering that there's a massive range of use cases; simply put, everyone seems to discover music in totally different ways!

    For us, this version of Combo.fm is definitely more of an MVP. We wanted to get something out the door in a matter of weeks and get it immediately into testing - and through that, we've come to some plans for the near future to distribute content in a way that will appeal to a wider audience (we hope!).

    Cheers for the feedback Ben! It'd be really great to hear your thoughts in the future when we've got some of the aforementioned plans in the form of a beta, actually :)

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    • P GBP GB, 4 years ago

      Awesome, it's really important to come to that realisation early on. As I said, you've executed this well for an MVP, just be prepared for a struggle to gain any really significant traction - plans around content etc. that aren't just about 'discovering new music' are a must have.

      I'd be happy to have a look at your Beta, I've got experience in this area - all of it negative. I can certainly help with what not to do! ;)

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