ASK DN — Grav vs. Jekyll vs. Other

4 years ago from A P, Position @ Company

  • Adrian Eskew, almost 4 years ago

    I'll vote for Grav.

    It is incredibly flexible and approachable. You will fall in love with the power of Twig and how much functionality it can give you in place of standard PHP! When you need a CMS, the Admin panel is beautifully designed and functional. The plugins are small and work without much fuss. I have built one page sites, full on blogs and am working on a SAAS app, all on Grav.

    Hands down the best part of Grav is the community. Whether in the middle of the night or on a weekend, the developers and other users are ALWAYS there to answer anything from simple to incredibly complex questions. They'll even take a zip of your file and audit it for improvements/bugs/functionality. I came from WP, to Jekyll, tried Kirby and have absolutely fallen in love with Grav!

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