Ask DN: Structuring large projects in Sketch

5 years ago from Ian Goode, Designer & Developer at Axonista

  • Henry MoranHenry Moran, 5 years ago

    Being a freelance designer I've learned to work both ways. I personally like to have everything in one file separated by pages for each major screen.

    Now, that only works if you are the only designer on the team. Working with a larger team can lead to issues since you both want to work on the file and can lead to redundancy. In this case, I split each major screen into it's own Sketch document and only open the file I'm currently working on so that my other colleagues can work on other features.

    For me there isn't a perfect workflow since it will vary per project/team.

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    • Ian GoodeIan Goode, 5 years ago

      Yeah I prefer one 'master' file generally, although I'm usually the sole designer on a project so there aren't any workflow issues from that.

      When using multiple Sketch documents, how do you ensure they're all in sync? For example if you update a component or style that's used in multiple documents? Is it possible to have Sketch import these or is it a manual process?

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