• Alex MontagueAlex Montague, almost 4 years ago

    I just use the trackpad on my Macbook. I've wondered for years if I'm missing out by not owning a monitor (+ keyboard and mouse), but I've never gotten around to getting one.

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    • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, almost 4 years ago

      I'm the same way, I used to have a mouse but I ended up going back to just the laptop's trackpad. I find it really liberating to be able to pick up my entire workstation and just go to a different room without worrying about cables or accessories. And I don't do much that'd require a mouse anyway.

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    • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, almost 4 years ago

      Ditto except. I DO have a mouse that I occasionally will use, and I do like having dual monitors...more room for stuff. But I'm mostly a trackpad user.

      I've thought about liberating myself, and working just on my screen.

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