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    This statement strikes a chord with me. Really not keen on the current movement du jour of "Designers are not artists" and ultimate focus on metric and conversion driven design decisions (the same ideology that brought us the insipid Pintrest and Facebook content blocking sign up forms).

    Sometimes I feel very sad and alienated when it seems to me that robots have taken the helm in the discipline of design.

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    • John PJohn P, almost 4 years ago (edited over 3 years ago )

      Think what bothers me the most is how proudly they renounce the input of the designer. Monteiro's "Design is a Job" talk comes to mind.... (I'm sure someone wrote a good critique of this talk but I can't find it)

      Of course I'm not saying all design is art or all designers are artists but really there is more to life than a/b testing on-boarding flows and I just find it a little sad many designers in the digital side seem to be content and smug about doing just that while spouting the ideology of "Working on problems that matter" (hah).

      Thank christ some designers still approach their work like an artistic practice and a conversation with the user rather than just an exercise in building from statistics and for OKRs.

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