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    Hi, Duncan. I am grateful you took the time to respond.

    Aqua's glossy UI made barely any fucking sense ...

    I would be intrigued to hear you explain this comment more thoroughly. What did you mean by it? I think Aqua's glossy interface shone with whimsicality and friendliness, was remarkably easy and fun to use, and (more so earlier in its life cycle) made handy and tasteful use of metaphor.

    I don't think this critique was really written with the user interface in mind at all.

    What did you believe I had in mind, if not the interface?

    Most of these articles ...

    I would like to request politely that you respond to the arguments put forth in my article, not those put forth in other articles. If you have words to offer for or against my piece, I invite you to express them.

    ... try to make some kind of argument based on usability, without any real evidence ...

    My article dealt mostly in arguments from reason and common sense, not in evidence. For instance, why not make a virtual button look more obviously like a real button? That decision has inherent and obvious benefits: while the change might not make any difference to some people who use the computer, to others it can shed light more immediately on the function of the button. At the very least, rendering the button more realistically would hurt no one. Why not do it?

    ... instead of just admitting that we're dealing with a designer's personal taste.

    At points in this article, we are indeed dealing with a designer's personal taste. I freely admit that fact. As I observed in my above reply to Ted, taste carries great significance, and I wish people felt more comfortable discussing it.

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