Pentagram designs new logo and identity system for Mastercard(

over 6 years ago from Benjamin Alijagić, Designer/Developer

  • Ian ClarkeIan Clarke, over 6 years ago

    Agree to disagree on this. Of course I haven't got access to the brief but I think we can still offer some criticism of the overall brand.

    It's bland and uninspired in my opinion.

    Why do I think so? Let me give you my impression of the MasterCard brand… It's a company that promises you your dreams - without the wait. It promises a better lifestyle - better food, better products etc. The redesign doesn't simply doesn't inspire.

    Another commenter stated that the logo was simple like Nike, BUT unlike Nike, the supporting graphics don't offer any additional excitement. Nike place their logo on various graphic treatments. They express the different values of the different audiences they are targeting whether that's sneaker freaks or yoga enthusiasts. The MasterCard redesign (at least what we've seen) could easily apply to any banking organization. It has no voice.

    Great design always has a tension to it. Whether that's clever use of scale, typography or colour. The logo in this case is almost too uniform. For a company the size of MasterCard I would have liked to see a bit more customization on the type face, that could roll out into the larger graphic language. Likewise the supporting imagery again lacks tension. People have said it harks back to Swiss design… but Swiss design played with things like scale, bold colour palettes and angled grids. Outside of simplicity this has very little in common with Swiss Design.

    Of course it remains to be seen how the actual rollout will be handled, and many of my arguments may be irrelevant.

    However the problem with this rebrand so far is… it's just OK.

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