GitHub now uses default system font(

4 years ago from Dominik Schmidt,

  • Mark Otto, 4 years ago

    We're not using relative units in any place save for our Markdown files (to make our rendered Markdown scale easily for mobile, issue comments, and readmes/blobs).

    The few cases of misaligned icons are being fixed as bugs. Overall, we haven't seen too much funkiness across the browsers as the main system fonts are pretty similar size-wise.

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    • Weston Thayer, 4 years ago

      Thanks for the response, that's super interesting. I assumed the vertical metrics would be very different, but didn't bother to check.

      Are the misaligned icon issues font agnostic, or are you having to find a way to make font-specific fixes?

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      • Mark Otto, almost 4 years ago

        Most are agnostic to any particular font. Haven't run into anything egregious that would require browser-specific overrides yet.

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