Crash Course on Principle I made over the weekend, great for noobs and not-so-noobs.(

over 3 years ago from Pablo Stanley, Design at InVision, Writer at The Design Team, Mentor at Sketch Together

  • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, over 3 years ago

    Principle is mostly for prototyping, getting a feel of an interaction or a flow early in the process, before investing in engineering time. The hand-off from principle to developers is, unfortunately, not that great–it only exports a video/gif or a prototype your develops can play with using the Principle app. BUT, and this is a big but, this is still a GREAT step in the right direction. This is still way better than just pointing at static screens and explaining to your developer how your animations should look like. Use Principle as a stepping stone towards building a great experience, not as the final product ;)

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