• Tyler Cecchi, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    I think that in terms of selling your skill set to an prospective employer the differentiation is mostly up to you. How you communicate your skill set is what matters.

    Whatever you title is, you'll want to show that you can think critically about both macro and micro level problems.

    For instance a developer or engineer will be able to think broadly about the overall design of the product, how it's used/flow and how the technology of the product can affect the user-experience, and then at a micro level be able to think critically about design patterns, architecture and other engineering concepts.

    On the other hand a designer will also need to think broadly about the overall design of the product and how it's used/flow, but they look at it through the lens of user-research. At a micro level I would expect designers to be able to think critically about typography, layout, color, illustration and maybe information architecture and copywriting.

    Engineers, designers and developers should ideally have some cross-over skill into each other, as well as be able to understand how their work ladders up to the business (problems/solutions/needs/goals).

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