• Neruthes (a.k.a. J.N.)Neruthes (a.k.a. J.N.), over 5 years ago

    Let's try defining the concept "design" this way:

    For each part of a business, it's about a design and an implementation.

    1. Company's design: a business plan. Workers' implementation: A whole product that meets business goals.
    2. Product manager's design: the market researches and the resulting product design (user stories, navigation logics, etc). The implemention:

    Think of this:

    [ Business goals, [ Macro product design, [ Micro interaction design, [ visual design, [ Front-end technical architecture, Front-end implementation ]]]]]

    A paired [] contains a pair of elements, the former is the design and the latter is the implementation. This model is very simplified; in reality, there should be designs that each corresponds to multiple implementation (e.g. apps for multiple platforms)

    In this model you find it difficult to define "designer" properly, as long as almost every part can be separated into the design part and the implementation part.

    Probably we have to abandon the old school idea of distinguishing designers and engineers, and find a better way to organize the responsibilities within a business.

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