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almost 4 years ago from Sacha Greif, Creator at Sidebar

  • Sacha GreifSacha Greif, almost 4 years ago

    Yes, same here, it also bothers me but I wasn't able to find a better way… And yeah the feed was inspired by Product Hunt. I think they found a really good pattern for daily feeds.

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    • Maxwell Ariss, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

      Are the 5 featured posts in the hero sorted the same way as the top 5 posts in the main list of posts ? You should be able to offset the loop by 5 posts somehow, but at very least you could hide the top 5 posts in the list view with css (kind of dirty, but better then repetition). Really nice work though !

      Also, it looks like if the sidebar tags area is expanded, and the screen viewport isn't super tall, you get some nasty overlap:

      Since your sidebar's search bar is about 60px tall (with margins), and your calendar is about 250px tall (with margins), you could give your .sidebar-categories-expanded class a height of calc(100vh - 310px) and overflow-y: auto. There are probably more graceful approaches out there, but it's a start :)

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    • John Moore Williams, almost 4 years ago

      What if you displayed the posts hidden under "show more" above the top 5? The repetition just feels almost like an error. (Of course, I also don't love the "show more" element ... almost anywhere I see it.)

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